What’s Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO for short) is the process of improving your websites ranking in search engines for specific keyword search terms.

What we do is conduct comprehensive research into your competitors, formulate the best method of action and then utilise our expertise to boost your search engine rankings. The SEO planning can even begin before you have a website but even if you do, contact us and we can still help your optimisation efforts.


Be Found Over Your Competitors

Why miss out on business from a poorly optimised website?

We have experts that are ready to help and take you through the steps of what you can do to improve online visibility. With over 80% of search users not clicking onto the second page of Google or Bing search results, it is now more important than ever to ensure that your website ranks well for your desired keywords.


Comprehensive Website Statistics

Google Analytics is a tool that helps marketers and businesses better understand the performance of their websites.

It provides powerful insight into what areas of your website are performing well and which areas need some work to better attain your visitors. We also use tools such as heat-mapping that can tell you if users are even scrolling the pages on your website and reading the content. But all of this information doesn’t mean much to the average punter if they can’t make sense of the technical terms. That’s why we take the myth out of it and break it down to non-technical lingo but more importantly we give you recommendations and action plans on how you can improve the performance of your site.


Goal-Tracking Made Easy

Gone are the days of never knowing what your audience is doing on your website.

You now have the power to understand your audience down to a micro level. We use a comprehensive suite of tools that allows you to track your online sales, the success of your landing (entry) pages, what devices people buy the most products on, what pages people are visiting and even how many people have clicked the large promotion images you have running on your home page. Goal tracking and analytics statistics ensure that you have the knowledge to power-up your sales and service.