Digital Marketing

The foundation for all of our marketing decisions is always solid research. This guides us to making the right decisions for you.

You set the goals, we will do the research and implement an action plan to achieve these targets whether they be to raise your business’ profile and awareness, engagement rates or optimising the online sales funnel for you so you can maximize your sales.



There’s an old saying of “You can’t manage what you don’t measure” and we believe that the analysis step is critical to the success of your project.

The analysis and evaluation allows us to show to you how the campaign was successful. Here we include the evaluation and breakdown of:

  • The KPI’s and if your goals were met.
  • Traffic, sales, and social engagement numbers.
  • Future campaign recommendations.



This is the fun part and where you can visually see the fruits of all the hard work. Here is where we release your campaign onto the web.

This usually is multiple factors combining into one specifically branded and styled campaign with the sole aim to meet the goals you defined at the start of the project.


Improve your engagement and customer loyalty

Our team like to create more opportunities for you to connect with your stakeholders.

By delivering more traffic to your site via multiple avenues you can reach your customers no matter where they are located in the world. We help foster the relationships you have with your customers by facilitating conversation helping you to build their trust and confidence. Reach out to State, National or even global markets, speak to your customers and get your message out there.


Comprehensive Results Requires Comprehensive Planning

A digital solution is never a “one-size fits all” approach and it never should be.

Most of our clients’ main goal is to increase sales and increase the engagement with their customers. Now, this is more important than ever seeing as 81% of people research online before making big purchases* and this number will most likely increase as time goes on. So how do you stand out in a sea of competitors? Well… simply put, a digital marketing strategy solves this.

You’ll not only understand your own strengths, weaknesses and areas to improve but you will also get an insight into what your competitors are doing. More importantly you’ll understand how to stand out against them.

*July 2013, 81% research online before making big purchases, GE Capital Retail Bank


More Results, Less Cost & Backed by Data

It’s no secret that traditional marketing methods can quickly become a costly exercise.

There’s printing costs, media planning and buying, as well as distribution costs that can quickly eat into your wallet as well as your time requirements. The beauty of digital marketing is that it’s an instantaneous medium, it’s flexible and it provides solid data for you to make informed decisions. Align this with a strong message, and you have a powerful medium to reach your audience quickly and get a much greater return on investment. A successful campaign with a good ROI is enough to make anyone smile!


More Power at Your Control

It’s a fact that digital marketing can give you more control over your digital presence.

We help you get control over search rankings, newsletter sign-ups, automated emails, social media content planning and creation, seasonal product launches, abandoned shopping carts and even digital display advertising.



The research phase is critical as it defines what the best course of action is to arrive at your end goals. During this stage we collate data on

  • Campaign strategy based from prior research of your existing digital setup.
  • Background of your business and brand, current rankings, and current public impression.
  • Segmented target markets.
  • Setting Key Performance Indicators and estimating expected yields in regards to web traffic, social likes, and online sales if applicable.
  • Ensuring that what actions we suggest are actually achievable.



Once our research has been conducted and finalised we go about creating the content of your digital strategy.

This includes planning and building the specific elements of your campaign guided from our previous research. This is the stage where you can really see your project come to life.